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Computer Repair

Computer repair technicians are the "auto mechanics" of computer systems.

Elective will be adjusted according to grade level.
They are skilled professionals who are familiar with the use of physical and software diagnostic tools, and are able to follow a well-rehearsed troubleshooting protocol in order to discover the source of a problem, and make the appropriate repair.

In many cases, computer repair techs are employed by manufacturers to meet the obligations set by service contracts. They might install computer equipment when it arrives at the client's business, or follow up with subsequent visits for preventative maintenance. In most cases, one technician in an organization is always on call in case any part of the system fails. These professionals often perform diagnostic tests with specialized equipment to determine the nature and extent of the problem at hand.

They are usually equipped to handle a variety of repairs: replacing hardware components such as network and video cards and circuit boards; swapping out peripherals; rewiring internal components and more. If a tech is unable to repair a machine in the field, he or she might take it back to his or her employer's home office for further analysis or more complicated repairs.

Computer repair techs might also work in specialized repair shops, for large companies taking care of in-house repair and maintenance, as individual contractors or in other settings.
Job descriptions can also vary, but in general, all computer repair technicians need to be comfortable tackling the following tasks:

  • • Dealing with and replacing defective parts
  • • Answering questions and finding solutions for people learning how to use a computer or that are adjusting to an unfamiliar system
  • • Swapping out computer subsystems like hard drives, adapters and other components
  • • Being available during weekend, holiday or evening hours to keep all sorts of computer systems running
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